Source Code made Open Source

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Abstract: I am now sharing the source code to this site under the Creative Commons License Distribution.

The terms and conditions can be read here . As always the code can be found here.

Happy Coding.

Site Source Available for Download

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Abstract: The source code for this is site is available for download from here.

Here is a list of features that i have implemented.
  1. 3 layered architecture.
  2. MetaWeBlog implementation (Partial) [Have tested with BlogJet].
  3. Provider based design - Pluggable providers [Includes SqlProvider].
  4. File system based Image gallery.
  5. Guestbook.
  7. Complete administration of site.
  8. RSS feeds
  9. Technorati ping.
  10. Caching features for performance.
I would love to hear some feedbacks on the design so that i could better the application in any way possible.


UrlRewriting Woes

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Abstract: After spending a very long time to build this site, i finally put it in production. The prime reason for the delay was hosting which i was not able to afford up until now.

Well everything seemed to work fine on my dev machine but once i put the code in production, my URL rewriting logic failed. I was using Gaidar Magdanurov's UrlRewiting solution. From what i observed the http module was not picking up on the application load. So as a last minute change i used UrlRewritingNet.UrlRewrite. I did not have to change much of the thing for this to work. Its pretty straight forward to setup and use.

First you have to add a config section...


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The source code to this site is open-source. You can download the code from here.


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