My foray into DDD, TDD, MVC and NHibernate

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If you are closely following the things that are happening around the .NET development arena, there is a lot of interest in DDD ( Domain Driven Design ) along with other TLA’s like TDD ( Test Driven Development), MVC ( Model-View-Controller ) etc. It was hard for me not to notice the buzz around DDD and got me interested in it. As the title says, I would want to see what these things mean and how to develop an application around or rather using these technologies.

So I am going to start a “Learn as you build” series in which I build a blog engine using these technologies ( or methodologies ). This is not a full fledged blog engine mind you. This is a process of learning new things and blog engine is just right to start of with ( along the lines from this post). If you are looking for a full featured blog engine, you can have a look at BlogEngine.NET or DasBlog or SubText and many more I guess.

Along with these things I would also want to explore NHibernate which is an ORM ( another TLA!!! ) and MoQ ( a mocking framework ). Well I think I am getting into a lot of things, probably more than I can handle, but lets see where these things lead me.

I would appreciate any sort of suggestions that might help me in diving into these things.

More blogs to follow on these lines.

Comment posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 7:53 PM
If you're going TDD/MVC/NHibernate, I would make the suggestion to check out the Castle project (www.castleproject.org).

There's lots to like in Castle for your situation:

- MonoRail - MVC framework
- Windsor - IoC container
- Hooks to NHibernate via the NHibernate facility (also ActiveRecord to hide the nuts and bolts)
- much more

I've used the Castle stack on every project which I've been given the choice to do so on, and it's never let me down.
Comment posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 8:50 PM
@ Brian

I have used the Castle stack, and have liked it a lot.
For the MVC framework i might use Monorail, but am not sure yet. Coz ASP.NET looks to me as a better option as a lot has been added by community requests.  
For IoC i am thinking whether to use Windsor or StructureMap as both appear to be good.
And ActiveRecord is an abstraction over NHibernate which although good, spoils your domain objects by making them persistence aware which is rather bad. Dont you think?
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