Lazy Loading of Objects

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Lazy loading of objects essentially means that the data is loaded only when requested and not when the object instance is created.

For Eg. suppose we have a Blog class which has a blogText property. Now this property can be encapsulated like so.


Logging using Interceptors in Windsor Container

The Windsor container gives you a provision of adding behavior to components without having to change the components implementation. For example if you want to log whenever a method is called through your this particular component and add behavior when this component is called. Lets see how logging can be achieved for the CustomerService component.

First thing is to create a LogInterceptor.


UrlRewriting Woes

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After spending a very long time to build this site, i finally put it in production. The prime reason for the delay was hosting which i was not able to afford up until now.

Well everything seemed to work fine on my dev machine but once i put the code in production, my URL rewriting logic failed. I was using Gaidar Magdanurov’s UrlRewiting solution. From what i observed the http module was not picking up on the application load. So as a last minute change i used UrlRewritingNet.UrlRewrite. I did not have to change much of the thing for this to work. Its pretty straight forward to setup and use.