If you are closely following the things that are happening around the .NET development arena, there is a lot of interest in DDD ( Domain Driven Design ) along with other TLA’s like TDD ( Test Driven Development), MVC ( Model-View-Controller ) etc. It was hard for me not to notice the buzz around DDD and got me interested in it. As the title says, I would want to see what these things mean and how to develop an application around or rather using these technologies. So I am going to start a “Learn as you build” series in which I build a blog engine using these technologies ( or methodologies ). This is not a full fledged blog engine mind you. This is a process of learning new things and blog engine is just right to start of with ( along the lines from this post). If you are looking for a full featured blog engine, you can have a look at BlogEngine.NET or DasBlog or SubText and many more I guess.

Along with these things I would also want to explore NHibernate which is an ORM ( another TLA!!! ) and MoQ ( a mocking framework ). Well I think I am getting into a lot of things, probably more than I can handle, but lets see where these things lead me.

I would appreciate any sort of suggestions that might help me in diving into these things.

More blogs to follow on these lines.