DDDBlog Implementation. Part 2

In my previous post, we looked at setting up the project structure and the tools and libraries that we’ll need to build the application. In this post we’ll look at creating a few base classes.

Layer SuperType: The Entity Base Class

Before we start of creating the domain objects, lets first create the base entity object. As discussed before, an entity is something that has an identity. This would be our layer supertype because this class will be inherited by all our domain objects that needs to have an identity.


DDDBlog Implementation. Part 1

In my pervious posts, I wrote about the aspects of TDD and DDD a bit, and following up on the series, I will start building the sample application from this post onwards. For the lack of better name, I will be calling the application DDDBlog.

Setting up the project

Lets create the project structure as shown below.


Aspects of TDD

DDD, TDD comments suggest edit

This post was supposed to be about the layering in my sample project, but I thought I would talk a bit about TDD as its new to me. This is by no means an exhaustive post on TDD

Test Driven Development

TDD could be told as an approach in development, where we are writing tests to know the area for which we are building the software. Tests written during the development phase helps you in understanding the domain, and, after development tests helps us document that system. Following are a few things about TDD that I have understood


Aspects Of DDD. Part II

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This is a continuation post. You can read the first part here.

Aggregates and Aggregate Root

In a software there can invariably be many objects, and some of these objects are bound to be related to each other in some way. These objects that are related to each other are known as aggregates and an aggregate root is the object that holds them together. Aggregate root is always an entity. Say for example in a blog application a comment would be related to a post. So post and comments become an aggregate and post becomes the aggregate root as there cant be any comments without a post.


Aspects Of DDD. Part I

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What is DDD?

DDD could be called as a methodology or a set of patterns which help us in developing a software pertaining to the domain. Here what domain means, is the actual system for which we are building the software. DDD is not breaking away from the core Object Oriented design principles, but to utilize them in the right way. There are many aspects in DDD which we need to consider when building an application. Following are the aspects and their brief explanations from what I have understood.